The Cincinnati Bengals may have gotten more than they bargained for when they signed James Harrison this off-season. Harrison is loving his new role with the Bengals and he has vowed to take the Bengals to the same level of success he took the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Harrison was a great addition to the Bengals defense, he can teach these young guys in Cincinnati how to become an intimidating defense that other teams fear. Harrison claims the success of the Steelers was due to his hard-nosed play, that might be true with the way he knocked guys out of the game.

James Harrison has been known to rough up a few players in the AFC North and his year when the Bengals face the Steelers on Monday Night Football for their first home game, I am looking for Harrison to make a statement.

The Steelers may be sorry they parted ways with Harrison after this game is played. If Harrison hits the guys that used to be his teammates the way he has hit others, the Steelers are going to be hurting after this national televised game.

With the way James Harrison is talking this season, he can’t wait to help the Bengals defense to get to the top. Whoever is in the way better keep their eyes open for this new James Harrison led Bengals defense.

He is probably eating raw meat and having his new teammates doing the same thing. I know I won’t miss this game on Monday night football. How about you?

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