The Pittsburgh Steelers have let their star quarterback take too much of a beating for too long. He is starting to look like a guy that is lost in the back field at times. He has to have some help and he isn’t getting it from his offense. He fumbled the ball and lost two of them against the Bears last night.

I ask you,, is this the Ben Roethlisberger we are used to seeing? I think not. The team is off to an 0-3 start to their 2013 season and we all understand what happens to team’s that get off to this kind of start. The Steelers mighty quarterback is looking like he is starting to question his own abilities.

The Steelers have done very little to help him field an offensive unit that can win this season. The team is in trouble and Roethlisberger has played in the NFL long enough to know this. How are the Steelers going to turn things around this season?

The answer to the question is they aren’t. They don’t have the offensive fire power to give Roethlisberger the tools he needs to put points on the board. Defensively the team is looking like have their players are ready to take an apartment in a assisted living home.

Age has set in and it is destroying this team. The front office in Pittsburgh has lost touch with reality and there is nothing that can be done about it at the moment.

Unless the Steelers brain trust can go out and sign some free agents that can immediately  make a difference on the field the Steelers are doomed to have a losing season. The organization as great as they have been completely missed the boat on this one folks.

0-3, not the way Ben wanted things to go this season. But he is there and he is going to take a beating each week trying to stop this losing from happening by himself.  The team better do something and they better do it before next week.

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