The Pittsburgh Steelers have let their star quarterback take too much of a beating for too long. He is starting to look like a guy that is lost in the back field at times. He has to have some help and he isn’t getting it from his offense. He fumbled the ball and lost two of them against the Bears last night.

I ask you,, is this the Ben Roethlisberger we are used to seeing? I think not. The team is off to an 0-3 start to their 2013 season and we all understand what happens to team’s that get off to this kind of start. The Steelers mighty quarterback is looking like he is starting to question his own abilities.

The Steelers have done very little to help him field an offensive unit that can win this season. The team is in trouble and Roethlisberger has played in the NFL long enough to know this. How are the Steelers going to turn things around this season?

The answer to the question is they aren’t. They don’t have the offensive fire power to give Roethlisberger the tools he needs to put points on the board. Defensively the team is looking like have their players are ready to take an apartment in a assisted living home.

Age has set in and it is destroying this team. The front office in Pittsburgh has lost touch with reality and there is nothing that can be done about it at the moment.

Unless the Steelers brain trust can go out and sign some free agents that can immediately  make a difference on the field the Steelers are doomed to have a losing season. The organization as great as they have been completely missed the boat on this one folks.

0-3, not the way Ben wanted things to go this season. But he is there and he is going to take a beating each week trying to stop this losing from happening by himself.  The team better do something and they better do it before next week.

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  1. WifeOfThor

    That retirement home defense is ranked 6th after week 3.

  2. randy

    Really? Seriously, whatever idiot wrote this ought to be fired. Number one, adams and gilbert were bad draft picks, that leave the line porous, and bb has got to run for his life, and whoever the offensive line coach is ought to be fired post haste. I guess when you don’t watch the game as this fly by night journalist did, you write trash like this.

  3. wtf?

    Who is this guy? The author has absolutely no understanding of what he is talking about. Big Ben is the victim of the absolutely worst offensive line in the NFL. He is immediately under pressure when he snaps the ball. Those turnovers in the bears game were forced by defenders who are in the backfield the second the ball is snapped. What do you expect Big Ben to do?

  4. scott trunzo

    my god, your an idiot. ben washed up? surrounded by a practice team basically, or too old of personnel. throws for over 400 yards, washed up? let me fill you in on a little secret. bigben is a competitor, and untill someone can help bear some of the burden, he will play as hard as he can, and there will be some mistakes. whoever wrote this , seriously, what a hack job. you obviously are a hack. thats some old fashioned bull–it. really terrible

    • LG

      Didn’t say he is washed up said he is looking like he is washed up. If they don’t start to protect him he will be washed up

  5. john Austin

    You are a classless slug for writing such drivel. You better learn the meaning of respect you journalistic hack. Who the hell do you think you are. This is a future Hall of Fame QB. He is a 2 time Super Bowl winner. You are some moronic keyboard warrior geek, trying to sound smooth. There is such a thing as respect and football knowledge. It is obvious you have neither. I’m going to enjoy watching Ben make you eat crow, and Raven. You are one ignorant jack-off. You better study this game before you run your sore like that again. You are a classless hack. Ben will end his career with at least. 3 Super Bowl rings. And you will still be some clueless, insignificant word jockey. Watch what you write, because your ignorance is showing.

    • LG

      Sure he is a future HOFer no doubt. But the way he is being protected and hit that induction may come sooner than you think.

  6. Dr. Michael Sunner

    LG, The Steelers are awash with poor management at the present time. The offensive line is, well, downright offensive. Gilbert and Adams are lost right now, but much of their problems can be attributed to poor coaching. Ben has absolutely no time back there, linebackers and defensive ends are coming free at he snap of the ball. Really, he’s trying to do too much. Without a ground game, the Steelers are grounded. The preseason stats showed the team’s weaknesses. Haley is a terrible fit for this team, and it shows. This is a team is disarray, and it’s primarily because of the offense. The “D” is strong and still shows deep strength and passion. LeBeau is one of the best ever. However, the Rooneys and Tomlin missed the boat on Haley. The offensive line coach deserves to move on as well as Haley. Management is in need of a total reset with respect to its hires. I won’t get into personnel losses, but losing both Pouncey and Foote was huge. Forget this season, it’s really over, but there needs to be some house cleaning. Say goodbye to Haley and the offense line coach. I can’t even remember his name.


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