The Pittsburgh Steelers need to remember the Kansas City Chiefs played spoiler last season and upset the Green Bay Packers on their way to a perfect season. Roethlisberger and his Steelers need to jump into this game with both feet and destroy the Chiefs if they want to keep pace in the AFC North. The Steelers watched as the Ravens took apart the Raiders to get to 7-2 and if Pittsburgh wants to have a chance to take the division this season they have to win tonight so they can keep pace with the Ravens.

Pittsburgh is 2 games behind the Ravens in wins, they still have to face them twice this season and those games are sure to be play off caliber games. The Steelers cannot take the Chiefs lightly tonight. Everyone is thinking the Chiefs will be a push over for Pittsburgh and they should be. The main problem could be the Steelers not taking this game seriously.  The Steelers defense needs to keep the pressure on the Chiefs and the Steelers offense needs to  play as if it were any other game.

Pittsburgh has played well in their last couple of games and I for one think they can take the AFC North if they continue to play the way the team is playing now. Once they face the Ravens we will see what the Steelers are made of, they have to get past the Chiefs tonight to be a position to come out against the Ravens ahead if they can beat Baltimore twice. I think they can and they should if Big Ben continues to perform well. Lets see how they play tonight and then get ready to rumble against the Ravens….


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