The New England Patriots have to find a way to stop the deep ball that Joe Flacco used to kill the Denver Broncos last weekend. If Flacco is going to attempt the long pass he may in for a surprise. You can bank in the fact that Belichick will have his defense ready to take those long passes away. The defensive mind of Bill Belichick give the New England Patriots an advantage that not many teams have. Belicick is a master at paying attention to detail and having his team ready for the unexpected. Not many coaches in the history of the NFL have the type of mind that Bill Belichick has.

The Ravens and the Patriots are going to be in for a good ole fashion shoot out. I expect this to be  high scoring game. Both quarterbacks have the ability to get a lot of points on the board, both teams have the ability to score quickly. I would think the advantage has to go to Belichick, his Patriots scored a ton of points in the regular season and I expect that trend to continue this Sunday. The Ravens and Patriots know each other well. Both teams will be prepared and both teams want this win.  The only thing Bill Belichick won’t know how to defend is the Ray Lewis effect. Lewis has this Ravens team walking on water right now. This game is going to be fast paced and high scoring, I have to give the Patriots an edge in this one. The combination of Belichick and Brady is just too good…..



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