Russell Wislon has his Seattle Seahawks within one game of going to the Super Bowl. The team that thinks they are going to march into Seattle and beat the Seahawks can forget about it.

The Seahawks are just too tough at home. The 12th man is something magical for the team and they can’t be beat this season at home in these NFL play offs. Drew Brees who has many more years experience in the NFL than Wilson can attest to the Seahawks are just a tough team at home.

To make matter worse Wilson doesn’t have to do it all. The Seahawks have a powerful weapon in Marshawn Lynch. When the going gets tough Seattle just hands this running back the ball he takes off and does magical things.

Lynch carried the football 28 times against the Saints, he gained 140 yards and he helped the Seahawks advance into the next round of the playoffs. The NFC Championship round.

Who is going to go to Seattle and beat the Seahawks? I can’t see it happening and I don’t think any other sports writer is going to predict it happening either.

Pete Carroll had his Seahawks ready to play and Russell Wilson wants it too bad. If you think you are going into Seattle to beat the Seahawks, you can forget about it. This team has one goal in mind and that is going to the Super Bowl.

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