Jay Cutler didn’t have a day that would make his mother proud today, the Bears still were able to sneak away with a win over Cam Newton and his Carolina Panthers. Cutler only completed 19 of the 28 passes he threw for 186 yards and 1 touchdown. He threw one interception and was sacked 6 times in the game. The Bears still have problems with their offensive line and they have to find a way to protect Cutler if they expect to beat good teams. The Bears cannot afford to see Cutler take that many sacks.

Cam Newton out played Cutler in the contest and the Bears were lucky to get the win in the final minutes of the game to move to 6-1 on the season. Sure they beat a team that has helped beat themselves for most of this season. The Bears still won the game and they are now 6-1, that is all that really matters right? Chicago’s defense gave up 433 yards of offense to the Panthers. It was a game they should have lost, some how the Bears were able to pull off a win and the team was lucky to do so. The Bears still have a few spots to tighten up if the team has high hopes for post season play.




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