For 17 years the Baltimore Ravens have had the presence of a mad man playing Linebacker by the name of Ray Lewis. Now he says he is ready to call it quits. Do you believe that Ray Lewis the man who change the way a linebacker plays the game is going to retire? What will he do with himself? Where will he end up? I’m sure the television stations are already lining up with offers to get this high charismatic personality to sign with them. No one has more passion for the game of football than Ray Lewis and when he talks people listen.

First, Lewis has to walk away from the game.  We know this season has been tough on him, we know he has suffered some injuries. But really, this is it, after 17 years Lewis is really going to call it an end of a career. I think it is time, the truth is we will have to wait until training camp starts in 2013 to be sure Ray Lewis is really retired. The guy may be 37 and he may play a position in football that not too many 38-year-old play. Lewis came into the 2012 season in the best shape he has been in for years. To see Lewis call it the end is going to change the  perception of the Baltimore Ravens forever.

Whether you liked Ray Lewis or not, you have to give the guy his due, he played the game at a level many never reach. Ray Lewis was as close as perfection as you can get. The NFL will miss a guy like Ray Lewis and I am sure the Baltimore Ravens fans will miss him even more…..




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