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It’s important to remember that most calls are based on the judgment of the umpire. You may see it one way and the umpire may see it differently. That’s baseball, and missed calls are going to happen in every game. You want your players to be able to put bad calls behind them and continue to play hard and focused. It then makes little sense to argue a call in youth baseball over what the umpire has seen. Show your team that you respect the umpire and you can move on and focus on the next play. You’ll be emulating what you’re telling them and they will learn good sportsmanship along with developing an ability to play more consistently by focusing on things that are under their control. For example, if an umpire calls a player out on a tag play and you think the opposing player missed the tag, what’s your argument? “Ump, you must be blind!” The fact is you have no argument and the umpire is not going to change his mind based on you saying “he missed the tag”. It’s a judgment call. You don’t have to be happy about it, but you need to accept that bad calls are going to happen.

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