Being a NASCAR driver gives Danica Patrick a chance to wear a lot of different hats. Being a Wet Nurse to a baby horse is one that even had to come as a surprise to Patrick. That is exactly what happened when Patrick took time off away from the track to visit with a little baby foal named “Patrick.”

The foal mistakes Patrick for his momma. He tried to latch into Patrick to be feed. Being the good sport that she is, Patrick said; “He was looking for the meal,” “He knew what to do. I’m like, ‘Baby, you ain’t gonna find anything there.’ ”

Patrick quickly started grinning, then she started looking for her smart phone to capture the moment. Patrick is fortunate the foal didn’t really latch on, if he would have gotten a hold of her, she could have been injured.

Imagine a NASCAR racer missing time behind the wheel because her breast was injured by a baby horse. That would be a first…..




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