The Lakers took a good ole fashion butt kicking at the hands of the Boston Celtics last night. They got beat 116 to 95 in a game that many of the Los Angeles Lakers starters play like garbage in. It is becoming very clear that Kobe Bryant is part of the problems in the Lakers locker room. The guy needs to learn to just play the game and  keep his big mouth shut. Bryant is always making comments about who should do what and who should be on the team. His latest includes wanting Rondo to play in L.A..

Kobe now is seeing the results of the damage his words have done. Last night the starters combined for a whopping 55 points in the game, Bryant had 27 of those points. He has the Lakers starters thinking they can;t do anything right.  Metta World Peace had  5 points and it gets worse. Earl Clark had 5 points,Dwight Howard who was once considered the Super Man of the NBA has found out that Bryant is his Kryptonite. Sinnce coming to L.A. Howard has played terrible. Bryant continues to make comments about Howard whether or not they are good or bad.

AS soon as Bryant can learn to keep his mouth shut and let his Lakers teammates play the game they love to play the way they want to play it the Lakers could start winning. Until that day comes you can bank on the fact the Lakers will continue losing games…


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