If only we were kidding. The Texas Rangers had to watch as Elvis Andrus missed a game against the Cleveland Indians because his arm hurt too much from the giant Tattoo his just got. You ever wonder how some of theses guys manage to make it onto  a major league ball club?I mean come on these guys get paid a lot of money to show up and play baseball, something every kid thinks about growing up. To come to the ball park and tell your manager your arm huts to bad to play today is way out of line. Especially when it is a self inflected wound.

Just think, Elvis had the entire off-season to go out and do harm to his body but no…… He waits until it is time to play-ball before doing something this stupid. I’ll bet the entire Rangers front office is proud to have a guy like Andrus playing for the Texas Rangers. At least it was his arm that he had the tattoo placed on and not another part of his body, otherwise he would have had a problem sitting on it…..


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  1. matt Hooton

    Your boy, Now he is heading to the WBC. LOl..

    • LG

      Lets hope he can play without pain


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