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It’s said that hitting a baseball is the most difficult skill in all sports; not surprisingly, giving hitting instruction is also one of the most difficult skills a coach has to learn. Teaching baseball hitting is difficult because every player is different in the many combination of skills required to hit a baseball. While teaching infield or outfield skills, you can run the same drills and teach everyone uniformly. However, with hitting, each player will require his own set of instructions and hitting drills to maximize his/her understanding and potential. Like hitting itself, teaching hitting will require a lot of hard work and study. Too many coaches want to apply a cookie cutter approach to hitting instruction. That approach will not work since every player has his own style at the plate. Watch a single Major League Baseball game and you’ll see a wide variety of hitting styles and approaches. As a coach you’re going to have to be able to differentiate the aspects of hitting for each player and apply changes to help that particular aspect of the swing.

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