To the point about the Caps’ D looking better WITHOUT (over-rated and oft-injured) defenseman Mike Green, of course they do.

For years I’ve contended that Mike Green takes incorrect  angles to opposing puck carriers, doesn’t consistently make crisp exit passes out of the defensive zone, and makes dumb mistakes veteran defensmen don’t commit–if they’re any good–frequently.

His All-Star selections remind me of the ones baseball players often get for piling up great stats offensively while being no better than average on the other side of the ball–(Mike Piazza in his prime and Robinson Cano in his early years fit that description…)

To that end, Mike Green–though mediocre as a defender– is a superb offensive player and I think that the Capitals would be better served–especially in the playoffs–if they move him to forward where his defensive shortcomings would be more forgivable and the wear and tear from hits would be less pronounced and less frequent (nothing to sneeze at since MG visits the injured list REGULARLY….)


Since, as you astutely point out, Schmidt, Urbom, Carlson and Strachan are playing more than passably well, I feel that switching Green to forward is an idea whose time has come. Otherwise we can look for more of the same from him: A few absolutely gorgeous goals, and lots of errors on the other side of the puck, along with the usual ration of nagging injuries  and trips to the DL.


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