In general I agree with your premise that when trades are made at this time of year the reward and the sacrifice don’t always correspond. But as far as the Rangers are concerned, the players that they “sacrificed” all STINK. Because they’re one of the three or four wealthiest teams in either league, Garza doesn’t figure to be a rental; they’ll be able to afford to keep a relatively young front line pitcher with a 3.17 ERA if his performance over the next few months warrants it.

As for the fact that they’ll have 8 starting pitchers once the Harrisons and the Lewis’s, et al, begin to come off the injured list, then they’ll obviously have chips to bargain with in order to secure the type of power hitter that their lineup was once filled with. You know, guys who weren’t regular visitors to the DL (like Adrian Beltre who isn’t part of the BioGenesis scandal and Nelson Cruz who evidently IS…). Hitters like Mike Napoli, Josh Hamilton and, yes, CHRIS DAVIS…

Let’s see if Jon Daniels and the brain trust are smarter in their personnel moves than they’ve been in the recent past. The Rangers’ World Series hopes are riding on it, to say the least…

Santa Monica

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