Has Sam Bradford lived up to the multimillion dollar contract he received?  The Rams have shown signs of brilliance with  Bradford playing quarterback, but they never found the consistency the team needed to be a serious contender.

No that he is out with a tear in the anterior cruciate ligament in his left knee, the team can see if they can find a spark with someone else at the quarterback position. I’m not saying Bradford isn’t the guy, or he can’t get it done. I am suggesting however, there is a certain chemistry missing in Bradford’s approach to becoming a great NFL quarterback.

Maybe he didn’t have the best of coaches when he came to the Rams out of the 2010 draft. he was forced to work with Pat Shurmur and we all know what his record is in the NFL. It is a shame Bradford went down this season, but at the same time the Rams will get a chance to really evaluate their season with someone else playing QB>

The team is between a rock and a hard place so to speak. If they start Clemens, the team is going to have to sign a back up. Where to find a back up is the problem. There isn’t that many quality NFL quarterbacks sitting around waiting for the call. The team is going to have to search out a body that give them the best chance to compete.

We wish Bradford the best and a speedy recovery. We also look forward to see how the St. Louis Rams do without Bradford behind center.

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  1. C.D.

    What a horrible stroke of bad luck for my Rams. The team will perform dismally the rest of the way. Draft a QB and RB in the first round next April and try again.

  2. Ray

    No quality QB’s available to sign? I’m sure Jeff George would love another crack…and don’t forget the “F” word…Favre. There’s all sorts of options out there, one could be the next Warner, whose radar was HE on when he took over? Experts are FAR too full of themselves to really know anything useful.


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