Rumors have it that Seattle quarterback Matt Flynn is on his way to becoming a Oakland Raider. Is the Seahawks organization jumping the  gun on this deal? We all know that Russell Wilson had a great year in his rookie season to Unseat Flynn for the starting job. It that enough for the Seahawks to unload Flynn already?

Seattle brought Flynn into the organization and yes they probably paid him too much money seeing how he was only a back up that played a couple of great games in Green Bay. But to just get rid of him because you think Wilson is your franchise guy is crazy.

Wilson could be a one season wonder. The NFL wasn’t used to him and the 2013 season could be different for Wilson. Now teams know what to expect from Wilson. His style of play leaves him open to take hits a quarterback shouldn’t take.

Seattle should keep Flynn for at least one more season to see what kind of year Wilson is going to have in 2013. To trade him to the Raiders, could be a mistake. If Wilson goes down to injury having Flynn for a backup gives the Seahawks a 1-2 punch.

I know Flynn is making a lot of money to ride the bench but he is an insurance policy for the Seattle offense. Once he is gone, the Seahawks will be going into the 2013 season without the piece of mind they had when they names Russell Wilson the starter.



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  1. Sam

    Russell Wilson doesn’t have one good year under his belt; he has two record breaking years under his belt.

    Not only did Wilson break all sorts of records this past season, he set the all time NCAA passer rating record at Wisconsin in 2011.

    And over the last 8 games of the regular season, Wilson wasn’t Rookie of the Year material. He was MVP material. He had the highest passer rating in the league over the last half of the season and it wasn’t even close.

    He’s proven he’s got the skill set and ability. Now all it takes is hard work – and we know he’s got the work ethic.

    • wasd

      We all know what people do in college really matters… running qbs will get hit sooner or later. If you get hit you can be injured… Look at RG3

    • jesse

      Sam should be writing articles for this site. Why would you keep Flynn, he is over paid and isnt proven. Wilson is tha man and will be Seattles QB for the next 8-13 years. Wilson won’t take that many big hits because he is smart in the pocket and he prepares for each game. This author should have watched some Seahawks football from last year before writing such a garbage article.

    • Anonymous

      Yes, Flynn should stay. If Wilson gets hurt the season is over. A non college coach would also help. Last years playoff flop was typical college coaching.

    • Anonymous

      Well said, people want to hate when they see greatness. GO HAWKS!!

  2. Brandon

    Matt Flynn has ONE GAME under his belt.

  3. Gtran

    If MF stayed with Seahawks one more year as backup, it would be harder for MF to be a starter. I would say Seahawks may be very confident that their new offense scheme will give the opponent defense a lot of challenges to anticipate each play so RW may not get hit as hard and many as we have usually seen. If Seahawks fail to protect RW and let him to extend the play most of the time, I believe you are having an excellent point.


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