The Raiders defense man-handled the Detroit Lions,they knocked out the Lions quarterback Matthew Stafford when the Raiders Defensive end Dave Tollefson drove Stafford to the ground and his helmet hit Stafford in his none throwing hand. It was a moment Stafford may not forget. Stafford sat on the side-lines and watched in horror as the skin on his hand starting to stretch from all the swelling that took place. Stafford would later get x-rays that turned out negative. This is just one of the big hits that the Raiders laid on the Lions.

Stafford is only one of the Lions players who the Raiders roughed up in the game, Cornerbacks Bill Bentley departed with a shoulder injury and Chris Houston with a left ankle injury in the first half for the Lions. Running back Kevin Smith also left with what appeared to be a more serious right ankle injury. X-rays on his ankle were negative.

For Raiders fans this could be great news, seeing the Raider return to a rough and tough football team may be just what the doctor ordered. The Raiders would go on to beat the Lions 31-20 in a game that would see back-up quarterback Terrel Pryor get the team going after a less than acceptable performance from Carson Palmer. Who knows maybe preseason doesn’t agree with Palmer, he came in last season after sitting out of camp, now he may want to relax every season.

Pryor would only go 3 for five but the 2 touchdowns help to put the nail in the Detroit coffin. It is going to be an interesting season in the Bay area if the Raiders continue to make people pay when facing their defense. This could be a return to Raiders football of days gone by…….



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