It is coming down to the last 4 games of the season for the Pittsburgh Steelers who pulled off the improbable beating the Baltimore Ravens to get to 7-5 on the season and finding themselves in a tie with the Bengals in the AFC North. They got the win with a 37-year-old back up quarterback that goes by the name of Charlie Batch and some mighty fine defense that confused the heck out of the Ravens want to be elite Q.B.. Joe Flacco. The Steelers season is coming down to the final 4 games and the return of Big Ben Roethlisbeger. The Steelers will face the Chargers, The Cowboys The Bengals and the Cleveland Browns in the teams final four games of the season.

Pittsburgh has had a tough season in 2012, with Ben Roethlisberger and Leftwich going down the team found themselves with their backs against the wall having to turn to 3 string back-up Charlie Batch. The Steelers dropped a game to the Cleveland Browns when they dropped the football all day long and Batch threw three interceptions. The Steelers gave the Cleveland Browns 8 turnovers in the game  and found themselves on the losing end of a 20-14 score. The final game of the season for Pittsburgh will be a rematch with the Cleveland Browns and it is highly unlikely they will make the same mistakes. I like the Steelers chances in this game.

Pittsburgh takes on the San Diego Chargers in their next game and the defense should be able to bring some pressure to the Chargers hot-headed Q.B. Rivers. If they can play the same way they played against Flacco and the Ravens they should be able to get the same results. The Steelers have a good shot and a win against the Chargers. The two games the Pittsburgh Steelers have to be careful with are against the Dallas Cowboys and the Cincinnati Bengals.

The Bengals were somehow able to turn things around this season and have played some good football over their last three games. The Steelers and the Bengals are tied at 7-5 in the AFC north but I don’t expect the Bengals to continue to play at the level they are currently performing at now. When the Steelers and the Bengals meet up for this game, both teams will put it all on the table, this game will be a battle and I would think the Steelers could prevail.

The game the Steelers are going to have to really pay attention to is the Cowboys game. You just never know what Cowboys team is going to show up. Tony Romo has had a tough 2012 and somehow he continues to keep his Dallas Cowboys in the game. The Steelers should have a well-practiced Ben Roethlisberger back and they could handle the Cowboys if they don’t create too many mistakes. It will take a solid defensive effort to beat Romo and the Cowboys but it can be done.

Of course the Steelers have to avoid any further injuries to their players for their season to wind down the way I see it, but so do the other 4 teams Pittsburgh is set to meet on their schedule…..Hang on Steelers fans it is going to be a wild ride to get to the end of the 2012 season schedule, but it has been pretty bumpy to this point anyway.




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