By Larry GLicken

The Pittsburgh Steelers are playing hard ball with Mike Wallace, are they being unfair? Mike Wallace wants a big contract, the Steelers don’t look like they are going to budge from the Tender they have already placed on the table. Wallace doesn’t look like he is going to take part in the Steelers Mini Camps or report to camp at all at this time. Could the two sides just get a deal done that will make Wallace happy? Not if you look at the history of the Pittsburgh Steelers. This is a team that does things their way and their way only when it comes to players contracts.

Wallace wants the kind of money Larry Fitzgerald gets. The Steelers don’t think Wallace is worth that kind of money. Many other teams in the NFL may have already signed Wallace to a new contract by now, not the Steelers. This team isn’t going to let a player hold them hostage. It is going to be an interesting summer for both sides in the negotiating process. Many think the Steelers who have the right to reduce the tender offer will just leave it alone showing an act of good faith towards Wallace. Now Wallace and his agent will look like the bad guys to the media and the Steeler fans. With the new offense coming to Pittsburgh and the new draft picks, it may surprise many, if Wallace doesn’t get to camp and get something done in regards to the offer the Steelers put on the table, I wouldn’t be a bit surprised if the Steelers management just let Wallace sit out this season.

Do you think the Steelers are being unfair to Mike Wallace? Leave your reply and let us know what you think……





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