By Larry GLicken

How does the Red Sox organization go from a guy as colorful as a manager like Bobby Valentine, to a guy who has very little managerial experience like John Farrell? Sure Farrell is a nice guy and he could probably do a decent job,but he is in over his head with a team like the Boston Red Sox.  This is one of the hardest places to coach in major league baseball.  They have a history of tough guys coaching the team and Farrell just doesn’t fit into the tough guy category, at least not yet.

Farrell suffered a dislocated jaw when he was managing in Toronto.  He went to the mound to try to stop his pitcher from going after the umpire and got his jaw dislocated.  How tough can he be?  Farrell did a fine job in Cleveland when he was  in charge of Player Development.  But that doesn’t mean the guy is ready to manage a team like the Red Sox.  It is going to be interesting to see how the Red Sox do in the 2013 season.  I just don’t see Farrell lasting that long as the manager in Boston.  I hope I am wrong for both John Farrell and the Boston Red Sox.


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