The Minnesota Vikings are looking to beat the Green Bay Packers 2 weeks in a row, are the odds against this happening? In order to come away with a win over the Packers in the play offs I think the Vikings quarterback Christian Ponder is going to have to elevate his game. The Vikings only won by 3 points this past weekend and this game you can bet the Packers will be keying in on the Vikings star running back Adrian Peterson. Will they stop him from having a good game? Chances are no, but will they stop him from having a great game? I think they might be able to do that.

The Minnesota Vikings are going to need a great performance out of Ponder this weekend. He did throw for 3 touchdowns in their last game against the Packers, this time I’m sure the Green Bay Packers are going to defend against Ponder a bit better. I look for lots of pressure coming Ponders way in the play off game. There is no way Green Bay wants to take an early seat for the second year in a row. They still have a bad taste in their mouths from the 2011 play offs and this Packers team is going to come out smoking in the play offs this time around.

The Vikings are facing a tough task trying to beat the Green Bay Packers for the second time in less than a week. The odds are against this and the Vikings have to know that. If Green bay can control the time of possession a bit better I don’t think the Vikings will repeat their performance of a week earlier. This is going to be one tough physical football game. Winning two games in a row is something to Ponder. I guess we will know is just a few days…….


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  1. Paul Pinkoski

    Smile, its
    Packer and Viking week again

  2. Tim

    Hmm, the Giants beat the Pack in the playoffs last year and they were only 9-6.

    • LG

      That was after Rodgers took an extended period of time off. Not saying it can’t happen again though……


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