We saw a new approach from Tom Brady and his New England Patriots. We saw the Patriots run the football in a NFL play off game more times than they passed it. The Patriots rushed the football 46 times to beat the Colts.

Brady only attempted to throw the football 25 times and he completed only 13 passes. The weather was terrible with the rain and this could have been a huge reason New England decided to switch to a run first offense against Indianapolis.

Never before have we seen the Patriots run the football this many times in the Brady era. It was a smart thing to do and they controlled the Colts defense well with the run.

Blount ran the ball 24 times for 166 yards and he certainly gave the Colts defense more than they could handle in the running game. He is a load to bring down and once the Patriots saw he could run against the Colts, they continued to pound away at them with the running game.

Brady and his teammates caught everyone off guard with this attack. No one expected the team to come out and run the football so many time and with the help if some Luck interceptions the Patriots were able to run away with the game, 43-22 to get themselves in position to play in the AFC Championship game.


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  1. Flip Hoopes

    The game Saturday was proof that Brady is a selfless team player, willing to let
    other team mates garner accolades with the sole purpose of winning. Great players are willing to do that.

    • LG

      Brady will go down as one of the all time Greats….Now he faces the other guys, what’s his name? Oh, Peyton Manning…..


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