With a 17 game win streak going, The Miami Heat looks UN-beatable. Not only do the Heat have a 7 game lead in the Eastern Conference, they look like they are having fun. LeBron probably got some inspiration to keep this streak going from his home town college team that had a 19 game streak of their own going. James and Wade are having a bunch of fun winning basketball games.

That is bad news for the rest of the NBA. The Heat can make a run at a ring this year and they stand a very good chance of repeating as Champions the way the team is playing now.

Even when James isn’t 100%, his game gets elevated to a high level when it looks like the Heat is going to lose. Guys like James try to play off the streak, but we all know just from the body English they are really enjoying this winning streak. The Heat take on the take on the Indiana Pacers this Sunday and we all know the Pacers beat the Heat earlier this season.

It will be something to see if the Heat can beat the Pacers to extend their winning streak to 18 games in a row.

The Pacers have always played the Heat tough and they know what is on the line for Sunday’s game. The Pacers would like nothing better than to be the team to end the Heats streak. If you aren’t doing anything Sunday be sure to catch the game. When the  Miami Heat take on the Indiana Pacers there will be an all out war on the hardwood floor.

This game could be one of the best game you’ll see this season. James, Wade and Chris Bosh know what is on the line for this game, they are going to show up ready to make a statement.

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