For the past couple of seasons, Andy Dalton hasn’t been able to get it done for the Cincinnati Bengals. The team went out and signed veteran free agent Jason Campbell, who the Cleveland Browns released just weeks ago.

Campbell is an experienced quarterback, who had some pretty impressive outings last season with the Browns, against some pretty tough teams.

Dalton should stand up and take notice of this signing. The Bengals never seem able to advance in the play-offs with Dalton leading the team, and he is quickly getting labeled as a guy who can’t win the big games.

You could make the argument, Campbell can’t win the big games too. But in Campbell’s case, it was the Cleveland defense who took away his chance of winning most of the time.

Campbell was very impressive against the Kansas City Chiefs last season. He was also fantastic against the New England Patriots and should have won, handing Brady and company a loss. That was until the Referees stepped in and decided to hand the NFL’s chosen team a win.

Cincinnati needed to do something to put a spark under Dalton. Maybe the Campbell signing will wake Dalton up. Campbell is capable of starting for the Bengals and he has been around the NFL for a long time.

If Dalton struggles Marv Lewis now has a choice to make. He could pull Dalton and feel good about putting in Jason Campbell.

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    you might like this about the patriots

    • LG

      The Patriots, what do they have to do with this?


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