At this point Brian Urlacher the line-backer that has played in Chicago for 13 years, looks like a man without a team. The veteran who gave the Bears fans so many memories of big hits could be taking a hit of his own right now. The hit Urlacher is going to take could be a huge financial loss. The big man may have to settle for less to find a team that will accept him. After playing in the league for 13 years, we are wondering how long Urlacher thought his NFL career would last.

We’ve seen guys play for 17 seasons at the line-backer position, so it is hard to say if Urlacher has 4 more years in him to play. The NFL doesn’t see guys that play line-backer for 13 years all that often. Many times these guys don’t last 6 years. If Urlacher can find another team, he will be a guy that gives his all. Will that team be the Vikings? It isn’t looking like it at the time being. Could the Vikings be playing games to see if they can snag Urlacher below his asking price?

If Brian Urlacher was smart he would sit back and wait to see what happens. There are several teams that could use his services. If the Texans could stop and take a look at Urlacher, they could show some interest. They just signed an older player in Reed and they may need a guy like Urlacher. In my opinion, the Bears could have keep him for at least one more season. Chicago is making a big mistake letting Urlacher walk away.





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  1. Anonymous

    Dear Brian Urlacher, Yes, the Bears wanted you back, but didn’t have the money because they are up against the cap this year. It is obvious from your statements that you had no idea. Now, if the Bears didn’t want you back then there would be “NO” offer. We are all sorry that you felt slighted with the Bears offer of 2 mil. for one year, instead of the monies that you wanted, which would have handcuffed the Bears, and the rest of the team. If there was any love for the Bears, and/or class left in you, you would have taken the offer, and therefor, would be playing this season. Side note: I don’t see any of the other players looking to adjust their contracts to help you. What do they know that we don’t?


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