The Lakers may have finally found something, it appears that Dwight Howard and Kobe Bryant may have put their differences aside and decided to become teammates. This phenomenon took place shortly after the All-Star game. The game in which people made a big deal out of Howard mocking Bryant on the sidelines.

The Lakers have started playing as a team and now they are winning in the NBA and that is what counts.

The Los Angeles Lakers held onto beat the Toronto Raptors last night 118-116. It wasn’t a blow out by any sense of the word, the teamwork of Bryant and Howard combined to score 65 points in the game. Howard had 24 and Bryant had 41 in the game.

The Lakers are now 1 game above .500 and just might live up to Kobe’s promise of making the play-offs if they continue to play the kind of basketball they are playing now.

There has been a lot of talk concerning Dwight Howard, some say he is getting texts from the great NBA coach Phil Jackson, Even Dwight said he was getting Texts from Phil. If this has helped Howard to better understand the Lakers system, so be it. The Lakers are moving in the right direction and after a rough start to the season , they just might make things happen in L.A..

We are all about to find out.


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