Chip Kelly made one fatal mistake when he was named the head coach of the Philadelphia Eagles this season. He named Pat Shurmur as the team’s offensive coordinator.

Now, the Eagles are 3-5 and their offense looks dead. Kelly was more innovative in the preseason. It was thought the Kelly offense would kep team’s guessing this season.

It doesn’t appear to keep any team’s guessing and it looks like the same old crap offense associated with Pat Shurmur. The Eagles should have stayed as far away from Shurmur as possible.

He is a cancer to any NFL team and has no business being employed by an NFL team.  Now the Eagles offense looks to be paying the price for Kelly’s fatal mistake in hiring Pat Shurmur.

We understand that Kelly has quarterback injuries to deal with. But to let Shurmur have anything to do with a rookie quarterback is also a fatal mistake.

We all remember what Shurmur’s record was as the O.C. in St. Louis. Why Kelly would bring in a known loser and name him as the Eagles offensive coordinator has left people scratching their heads since he made the choice.

The Eagles are paying the price and the team isn’t going to improve as long as they have Shurmur in the booth calling the plays. Chip Kelly needs to realize his mistakes and correct them now.

He needs to take over the offense and keep Shurmur away from his Eagles football team. Until he does, the Eagles won’t be flying anywhere. Get used to it Eagles fans.

This is the kind of football you get with Shurmur on your team.



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