This is the time of the season when other teams in the N.F.L. stand and take notice of Eli Manning and his New York Giants team. The great Eli Manning snapped his streak of losing by beating the Green Bay Packers 38-10 on Sunday Night Football. The Giants defense played great in the game, they gave Aaron Rogers more than he could handle and the Giants offense was unstoppable.  Eli threw for 249 yards completing 16 of 30 passes for 3 touchdowns in the game. The Giants defense pressured Rogers all game long and sacked him 5 times.

The rest of the N.F.L. has to be thinking here we go again, the sleeping Giants have woken up and they are going to be a force to deal with as the N.F.L. season comes to an end. The Giants did the same thing last season, they didn’t have a great November and they still found a way to get through the play offs and win a Super Bowl.  How many times is this going to happen? Manning passed Giants great Phil Sims last night throwing his 200th touchdown pass in the game making Eli Manning the all-time leading touchdown pass thrower in the history of the New York Giants.


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