Andy Reid’s magical first season with the Kansas City Chiefs, came to a sudden end when his Chiefs defense suffered a major collapse in the second half of the wild card game in Indianapolis.

The Chiefs offense and Alex Smith had a fantastic game, they scored 44 points and it looked like the game was in the bag. That was before the Chiefs defense decided to fall apart in the 3rd quarter and let Luck rip them apart and score 21 points.

The Chiefs defense was over rated all season. They couldn’t stop good teams when they needed to this season and yesterday was no exception. It’s a shame to lose the game after the way Smith led the Chiefs offense.

Alex Smith couldn’t do more than he did and he showed the world he is one of the best quarterbacks in the NFL and he deserves the same kind of respect guys like Manning and Flacco and Brady get.

Smith was on fire in the game. He threw for 378 yards and 4 touchdowns. He hit Bowe down the side lines in an attempt to get his team the last score on a 4th down play. He put the pass exactly where it had to be and Bowe made the catch and failed to get both feet in bounds. It was Smith’s last shot at a wild card win this year and the Colts took the ball over on downs and won the game.

Andy Reid has to get his defense to play better in games that have solid competition. It was a problem all season long. The Chiefs didn’t beat anyone with a winning record and they were beaten by the better teams.

The Kansas City Chiefs came into the wild card game losing 2 games in a row and the Colts were a team that handed K.C. a loss. Reid is going to have his work cut out for himself this off-season.

He has to find some players to help the Chiefs defensive secondary. All season long the Chiefs secondary was questionable. It was the weakest part of the Chiefs defense and it showed yesterday.


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