The odds makers must be in agreement with the mass of people saying Andy Reid’s Kansas City Chiefs are over-rated. The Chiefs are the Under-Dogs going to the Mile High city of Denver this Sunday to take on the Peyton Manning led Broncos.

The Chiefs are getting 8 points as of the time of this article and they have to avoid getting into a shooting match with Manning and the Broncos if they stand a chance of wining this game. There aren’t many giving Reid’s chiefs the chance of reaching a double digit win streak this season.

You know what they say, all good things must come to an end. This include to Chiefs undefeated season. The team’s defense is good, but are they good enough to take on the quick release of the Broncos quarterback?

This is the question people are waiting to see answered. Come Sunday night around 11pm Est, we are going to find out. This isn’t going to be a battle of 2 great quarterbacks. Smith isn’t able to compete in the same level as Manning. He’s a good quarterback, just not great yet.

The Chiefs have to avoid falling behind early. If they have to depend on the passing game, the Denver defense will use this as an opportunity to unload on Smith. The Chiefs have no idea as to how improved the Denver defense has played. They are about to find out and it isn’t going to be pretty if they fall behind early.

The Broncos defense is great at stopping the run and Reid is going to have to call some plays that keep Denver guessing. It is going to be a game of what quarterback can outlast he other. The defensive play might determine which team comes away with the win.

I just don’t see the Chiefs beating a Peyton Manning led Broncos team and neither do the odds makers.

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