The Kansas City Chiefs and head coach Andy Reid had to be holding their breath while playing the Cleveland Browns who clearly looked like the better team in the second half of the football game.

The Chiefs would score 20 points in the first half of the game and only 3 throughout the entire second half. Reid and his Chiefs came away with their 8th win of the season, but they had to be thinking the worse until Davone Bess did what he could to guarantee the Chiefs a win.

The Chiefs defense didn’t look like the defense that leads the NFL in sacks this season. They could only get to the Cleveland quarterback once and that wasn’t until the 4th quarter.

The Chiefs were on the edge. The Browns came out of the locker room after half time and made the defensive adjustments to give Alex Smith and the Chiefs offense a tough time.

Smith only got his Chiefs offense into field goal range once in the second half. He couldn’t convert 3rd downs and he was able to do that effortlessly throughout the first half of the game.

The Chiefs were fortunate that the Browns placed Davone Bess in the game to return punts. He fumbled the ball after a key stop by the Browns and the Chiefs recovered it ending this chance for the Browns to take the lead.

Then it would be Bess who handed the Chiefs another gift when he was wide open on Cleveland’s last real shot at a winning drive and he dropped a pass that would have given the Browns a critical first down.

Sometimes they say you need a little help from your friends to get by, the Chiefs got a little help from the enemy today to keep their winning streak alive.

They say good things come to winning team’s. Today it would be the bad things that happened to Davone Bess that would help the Kansas City Chiefs beat the Browns.

Otherwise, the way the Chiefs performed in the second half, they would have lost this game.

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  1. louisianamike

    chiefs are way overrated.. we should have won

    • Xalvion

      Then why didn’t you?


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