The Kansas City Chiefs are making it look easy this season. The defense is stopping everything they can and the offense is getting better every week. Andy Reid couldn’t  have thought he was going to have this kind of success so early in Kansas City. Once he landed his quarterback, I think the Chiefs were off and running and weren’t going to look back.

Alex Smith continues to make some  mistakes, he has to stop throwing interceptions, he hasn’t thrown many (2 Yesterday) but, he has been fortunate the turn overs haven’t come back to bite him. He had a decent game and he should be buying gifts for his defense every time they save his butt.

Smith had a great game if you take away the picks. He threw for 288 yards and 3 touchdowns against what used to be a good NFL defense. The Giants looked like a team that didn’t know what hit them with the Chiefs defense. They brought the pressure to Manning and held him to just 217 yards and 1 touchdown.

Sure, you can say the Giants offense isn’t any good this season but you also have to say the Chiefs defense is playing great this season. Reid has to be happy with what he is seeing from his team this season. The Chiefs could be play off bound, if they can continue to play the way they have in  the first quarter of this season.

Andy Reid was the right guy at the right time for the Kansas City Chiefs and their record is a direct reflection of that.


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  1. minepe

    Please learn to use the English language before posting again.

    • LG

      Looks like good English to me. You have to remember we write these articles for athletes and they have no problem understanding them….

  2. Eddy

    This guy is a moron. Alex Smith needs to stop turning the ball over???? You must be kidding me. He is known for NOT turning the ball over. What a moron. Alos, there is such a thing as spell check

    • LG

      The guy is good at not throwing Ints but he threw 2 in the game. I am simply pointing out he is lucky those didn’t bite him in the ass…As for the spell check. What isn’t right. The spell check seems to like it….

  3. Tim

    I don’t know about the turnover thing with Alex, they were his first of the season and none was a huge gaffe on his part. The second of the picks was an incredibly lucky bounce for NYG off his receivers hands and then leg, and the other was trusting your #1 receiver on a slant to fight for a ball–the CB made a great play. Alex will get back to not turning it over, but actually I think it’s a GOOD sign for him and the team, because when he wins and does his usual safe line of “200-250 yards, 2 touchdowns and no picks” people complain and say he doesn’t take enough chances. Finally yesterday he took some shots. Could be a sign of good things to come, as some of those risks paid off…

    • LG

      I know they were the first of the season. But I want to see him do well. I think he got the bum rap with 49ers and I am glad to see him wining . I wrote a decent article about how good they are playing….

  4. LMc

    1. “Andy Reid have thought he was..”
    2. The 2 interceptions were his first turnovers of the season..That isn’t “continuing to make mistakes”..
    3. ” ‘of’ they can continue to play the way they ‘completed’ the first quarter of this season…”
    A middle school student could find these mistakes and edit in 5 minutes..

  5. BL

    LG, WTH?
    of they can continue to play the way they completed ?
    Andy Reid have thought he was going to have this kind of success so early in Kansas City.
    you i phoned that one in from Sterbucks didn’t you?

    • LG

      LMAO I guess I am now blind…..

    • LG

      Man I have no idea how this thing got so messed up but it should be better now….


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