Andy Murray has done what no British man has done in 77 years, he won at Wimbledon and now he is on the top of the British tennis world. Murray sent out a tweet that said; winning at Wimbledon is the pinnacle.

Murry is now a hero in England, he will probably have a parade in his honor and he will enjoy the next year of his life no matter where his travels take him. Murry’s victory came against Novak Djokovic.Murray knocked off top-ranked Djokovic 6-4, 7-5, 6-4.

Murray said;”I still can’t believe it.” Murry has probably imagined winning at Wimbledon for years. Now that he has finally done it, it is hard to imagine. Especially with the fact in place that no British man has done it in 77 years.

Sooner or later Murry will realize that he is the 2013 Wimbledon Champion. This is one victory that will stick out above all others in Murry’s career. To win your own national tournament in your own country, is a great accomplishment.

Even though Murry is from Scotland he is still a British man.


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  1. su bo

    mugsy is a fruad and a cheater he is doping just like nadal that is why they are winning and nobody cares it


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