Someone said this season, if the Bengals had a good quarterback, they may be able to compete for the AFC North. They thought they had a good quarterback heading into the 2013 season, but Andy Dalton continues making bone headed mistakes and today was no different.

Dalton and his Bengals lost the game in overtime to the Baltimore Ravens even after the Ravens tried to help the Bengals win. Dalton threw 3 interceptions and he continued to struggle to get the football into the hands of his Bengals receivers.

The Bengals had to throw a Hail-Mary pass just to get the game to go into overtime. Dalton threw the ball up for grabs and it was only caught by A.J. Green because one of the Ravens tipped the ball up and Green came down with it in the end-zone.

The Bengals did nothing to win the game in overtime. They gave the game away if you really stop and think about it. Dalton couldn’t get his team down the field and on 4th and 1 the Bengals went for it and tried a running play that caused the Bengals to really lose yards and turn the ball over to the Ravens in excellent field position.

The rest is history, the Bengals would lose to the Ravens and they now have a record of 6-4 on the season. They take on the Cleveland Browns nest week who have already beaten the Bengals once this season and they are sure in for a fight with the Browns.

The Bengals could be facing their 3rd loss in a row if Dalton continues playing the way he is playing now. The Bengals should consider getting a guy who can be consistent in the quarterback position. Dalton may not be that guy.


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  1. theburgercat

    Lets face it, Dalton is just a serviceable quarterback. What started out as very promising has regressed back to mediocrity.


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