Who Dey? This has to be the question the Cincinnati Bengals are asking each other after losing to the Cleveland Browns today. Who Dye that wouldn’t allow one of the top ranked offenses in the NFL to complete a touchdown pass.

Who Dey that continued to pressure Dalton and held him to just 206 yards passing and a 4.9 yard per pass average? This Bengals team that showed up in Cleveland today,didn’t resemble the team people were favoring to win the AFC North this season.

The Bengals stunk on both sides of the ball. They were beaten and they looked help-less while they were getting beat. The Bengals big play threat was taken away by a Cleveland secondary that only has one top ranked corner-back.

They could not get the offense to operate at a efficient pace throughout the game. The Bengals have to travel back to Cincinnati with their tale between their legs wondering Who Dey were that kicked their butts today.

Dalton didn’t see this one coming. He could do anything write and the team was beaten. The Bengals would have been beaten worse had the Browns field goal kicker not missed two easy attempts.

If the Bengals are going to compete for the AFC North crown this season, they better bring more game than they brought to Cleveland today.

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