Andy Dalton is going to get labeled as a guy who can’t win the big game. Dalton completed passes for only 127 yards in a NFL Wild card game lets face it, that is terrible. Dalton threw an interception that led to a Houston touchdown. The Texans quarterback Matt Schaub did the same thing when his pass was picked off and the Bengals returned it for a touchdown. it in a game that looked like it could have been a high scoring offensive battle, it was the two teams defenses that took control of the game. The Bengals weren’t very good offensively for the past 7 weeks of the regular season. The only reason they made it into the play offs was because the team’s defense stepped up huge.

The Bengals need to figure out a way to get their offense to be more consistent. Can Dalton lead this team to the promise land or not? The Bengals have a lot of faith in Dalton’s arm, the team has a great group of receivers too. The Houston Texans did a great job of taking away the long ball and the Bengals couldn’t really get going on the ground either. The Bengals should look at bringing in a new offensive coordinator. The team has to do something to give the team an edge offensively. The team’s defense is play off caliber and the front office and the coaches have to know the Bengals need help offensively.

This off-season should be an interesting one. We will have to watch and see what move the Bengals make to improve their offense.

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