The Cincinnati Bengals looked ready to win this season. They took apart a pretty good football team in their first preseason game. They beat the Falcons 34-10 and Atlanta is a good football team. Yes we know it is the preseason, but all teams want to win.

Andy Dalton didn’t look too sharp in the game, but no worries, he will be ready come the regular season. The Bengals want to play in more post season game in 2013. That is a given. The way they played last night show that the team is going to play hard in every quarter of every game.

The Bengals defense kept the pressure on the Falcons passers. That is going to be huge for the Bengals this season. If they can continue to pressure the passer, good things are going to happen for the Bengals defense.

Bringing in James Harrison has to be a positive for the Bengals. His intensity is spreading like a California wild-fire throughout the team’s defense. The Bengals offense did a good job of distributing their passes among their receivers.

They used 10 different guys to catch the ball last night. That is something this Bengals team does well. Their receiver core has a lot of guys who can make a play. It is going to be interesting to see what this Bengals team does this season.

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