Cincinnati Bengals quarterback Andy Dalton joined an elite group of NFL QB’s getting his team to the play offs in his first 3 years as their quarterback. Unlike some of the others, Dalton hasn’t been able to do much once he finds his way into the NFL play-offs.

This season is no different. Dalton was pathetic on the AFC Wild Card game. If was clear they Bengals didn’t take the Chargers seriously enough. The Bengals thought the only reason San Diego made their way to the play offs was because they beat the Chiefs who had their second stringers playing in week 17 of the regular season.

Man, were they mistaken. The Bengals couldn’t move the ball against the Chargers defense and they intercepted Dalton 2 times and watched as Dalton created another turnover with a Un – forced fumble of his own.

Dalton needs to find a way to lead his team once he gets them into the play offs. With the receiving talent the Bengals surrounded him with, there is no excuse for his terrible performances.

Dalton was only 29 of 51. Yes you read it right, the Bengals were behind and they let Dalton throw the ball 51 times. He only completed 29 passes for 334 yards and he didn’t go over 300 yards until it was garbage time.

Angry Bengals fans are thinking they should fire the head coach and the OC. They can’t see it is Dalton who is to blame for the teams poor performances come play off time.

Until Dalton can find a way to lead his team when they reach the play offs, the Bengals are going to struggle. They had a great season but lets face it, the goal is to add a Super Bowl win.

Dalton may not be the guy who can help Cincinnati reach the grand prize.

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  1. Philip

    This article is very poorly written and completely subjective. I knew from the title that I would be reading a piece of passionate, premature, post-loss, rage induced bias, but from someone who aims to be a sports writer you should really try to be more objective. For starters, have your article proofed by someone who is not you, then you begin focusing on using facts instead of opinions to write stories online.

    • LG

      You must be a blind Andy Dalton fan


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