By Larry GLicken

You have to have a strong stomach to watch the Indianapolis Colts and Andrew Luck, they are not for the weak at heart. Luck has to be one of the best rookie NFL quarterbacks of all time. He can get your blood flowing and he never gives up. Today Luck to care of the Detroit Lions in dramatic fashion. Luck threw 3 interceptions but never once did he lose track of the fact he could bring his Colts back for the win. You have to admire the athletic prowess that Luck processes,   he can buy time when he needs it and he can bounce off the defenders and make plays happen out of nothing. The Colts Undoubtedly have their franchise quarterback.

Andrew Luck provided plenty of heroics to make up for the three interceptions he threw today. Luck finished the game with 391 yards passing, he completed 24 of 54 and had 4 touchdown passes. Andrew Luck is an amazing player. This kid has what it takes to become the next Peyton Manning. The Indianapolis Colts are a lucky franchise to have found a guy that could take over for a Hall Of Fame Legend without missing a beat.

The Colts got the win and with this win over the Detroit Lions the Colts may have moved one step closer to a play off birth this season. Not many people would have believed the Colts could come back this strong in 2012. The Colts are showing the NFL they are a team to be dealt with.   If Luck can stay healthy he may even pass up Peyton Manning in M.V.P.’s one day. This kid has a lot of heart…..



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