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 Andrew Bynum’s mouth certainly contributed some to his stunted development but nearly as much as Kobe (and others) not feeding him the ball—and certainly not as much as Phil Jackson’s dumb decision not to play Andrew during the fourth quarters of dozens of games—particularly when the Lakers were getting their asses kicked under both boards and more particularly when you bear in mind how well Bynum shot free throws compared to, say, one Dwight Howard…


And to illustrate, DeMarcus Cousins plays center for the Sacramento Kings. I would say that his mouth–to say nothing of his absurd tantrums on and off the court—are even worse, and more frequent, than Andrew’s were (and I freely admit that Andrew’s foolishness was pretty bad last year). Yet Because Cousins’ teammates feed him the ball consistently–and because Keith Smart plays Cousins in all situations unless discipline of some sort is being administered–DeMarcus is much further along at age 22 than Andrew was at the same age.


Now I don’t think any of the foregoing is really debatable. But if you do I’d love to hear from you…



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