Andrew Bynum may have set a new record, for the shortest time as a member of the Chicago Bulls. After being traded to the Bulls late last night for Deng and some future draft picks, Chicago parted ways with Bynum by waiving him.

Bynum, the man who was recently refereed to as the best big man in the NBA, is now eligible for free agency. Bynum once said there is a bank in every town, may now be looking for a new NBA team to call his.

Bynum was trouble in Cleveland and he didn’t last there. If you think the Bulls want to contend this season, I recommend you to think again.

Bynum may not have been back to his usual self, but he did show some promise with the Cavs this season. He was able to increase his minutes and he was able to play some decent basketball when he wanted to.

It will be interesting to see if Bynum finds a new team to play with this season. He is gaining a label of someone who is disrespectful to his coaches, but lets face it 7 footers don’t grow on trees in the NBA or anywhere else for that matter.

Bynum made the statement in Cleveland that he really never wanted to play basketball anyway. I guess we will see if this holds true. Andrew Bynum is a man without a team at the moment.

How long he stays that way is up to him.

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