The Houston Texans are in trouble. They can’t stop anyone defensively and they can’t find their identity offensively. The team is in trouble and losing to the Jacksonville Jaguars puts the exclamation point on just how bad this team is playing this season.

The Texans had 246 yards of total offense against the Jaguars. It is clear that Case Keenum isn’t the answer to the teams problems. He threw for only 169 yards and couldn’t get the team into the end zone against one of the worst teams in the NFL.

Andre Johnson has a right to be upset, he puts a lot into playing in the NFL and it is starting to look as though the rest of his teammates have already thrown in the towel on this season.

The only guy that looks like he is giving 110% is JJ Watt. He played well and he recorded 9 tackles and one sack to lead the Texans defense. Watt also had 5 quarterback hits but even the great play of Watt can’t get the job done defensively if the rest of the Texans defense aren’t contributing.

With a record of 2-9 this season it looks like it’s a wasted season for the Houston Texans. The team will just be going though the motions for the rest of this season. It is time to rebuild the Houston Texans.

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