We all know by now, that the President of The Ohio State University is coming under fire. Yes Gordon Gee is under fire again for some things he said during one of his speeches. The guy was trying to make some jokes. There are plenty of people in America who make some jokes, and yes they make jokes about Catholics too.

Just think if we fired everyone who ever made a joke about Catholics, there wouldn’t be anyone to host late night talk shows and the networks would go out of business. The Catholic church has set themselves up to be made fun of. Gee didn’t say anything that would be considered a major slam to the Catholic faith.

Anyone with any sense could tell he was trying to be funny. Is this what America has come to? We are going to start firing anyone who makes a joke while doing their job. Gee was making a joke, yes he might have used some poor judgement because of the America we live in today.

If this was 50 years ago nobody would be calling for Gee to be fired. People would have realized he was joking. The joke is on us folks. We can’t even determine what humor is in 2013. Get over this seriousness and move forward people.

The United States in far to concerned about what statements people are making and less about what actions these people take. Gordon Gee runs one of the largest Universities in the country. He has done a great job doing his job. If he comes forward and makes a few jokes along the way, this is no reason to fire him.

Gee knows that laughter is the best medicine. After all The Ohio State University has some of the best medical schools in the nation. The prescription for laughter is getting brushed aside in America. What’s wrong with this picture?

Gordon Gee was making some jokes, his comments were nothing more than an attempt on some humor. Gee has a job that provides plenty of time to be serious. Lets not take it away because the man tried to make some jokes. Lets not lose our sense of humor in America and lets not forget how to forgive people.




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