You know–possible wrist  injury aside–it amuses and amazes me that everyone on earth, seemingly, was on Tiger’s bandwagon prior to Merion despite the glaringly obvious fact that Woods had lost control of his game so completely at Jack Niklaus’ tune-up tournament only two weeks ago. In attempting to explain a near career-worst 8 over par there, Woods said simply, “I could never quite get the speed of the greens…it happens…”


Fair enough, but for all four rounds?? Not only are we talking about the best putter of his time–or perhaps of all time according to some–the dismal performance was played out on a venue that he’d won five or six times previously—including last year. So it’s not likely the conditions were vastly different from anything he’d experienced there before. Not only that, none of the golfers who finished ahead of Tiger at the Memorial seemed to have much trouble adjusting their strokes to the speed of the greens—at any rate certainly not for 72 holes (and they’re not as good from one tournament to the next as Woods is when it comes to the fine art of putting…)


So it comes as no real surprise to me that Tiger (along with Rory and Adam Scott) is stinking it up in Pennsylvania this weekend. I mean, if he couldn’t get it right on a tough course under tough conditions at Jack’s place, why in Hell’s name would any of the so-called experts think unequivocally that Tiger would suddenly get it right on a course like Merion which—like most US Open courses—is even harder than the Memorial (and plainly booby-trapped)?


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