Alex Smith isn’t looking as sharp this preseason. Yes he is with a new team, but the Chiefs clearly have some work to do. Smith only completed 7 of the 16 passes he threw against the 49ers. His receivers did drop some they should have caught and Smith did put the ball in their hands.

But over all Smith and his Chiefs offense looked a little out of time. The Kansas City Chiefs running game looks solid this preseason. The Chiefs may end up being a power running team. The Chiefs ran for 72 yards in the game. A couple of those run plays looked good while the others were just average.

I thought with Smith at the quarterback position we would see a big time passing game. We still may see that once the season starts. The Kansas City receivers have got to catch the ball. Especially when Smith puts the ball in their hands.

The Chiefs still look like they have plenty of work to do to get their offense on the same page. Knowing Smith, I’ll bet he is having some talks with his receivers right after they drop the ball. The Chiefs have to be a better team this season.

With Smith playing quarterback I think they will be. I would just like to see Smith get it together with his receivers before the season starts. 62 yards passing is not the Smith we are used to seeing.


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