The New York Yankees third baseman Alex Rodriguez could have a lot more to worry about than just rehabbing his hip. It have been reported that the D.E.A. is investigating an adviser of A-Rods for performance enhancing drugs or (P.E.D.’s). Reports coming out of New York say a man named Anthony Bosch is being probed by both Major League Baseball and the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) for possible links to performance-enhancing drugs.

What if the investigation leads to an A-Rod involvement? Could this end the career of A-Rod’s career? It seems as though the man named Bosch has ties to a lot of Latin American players, it has been reported that A-Rod consulted with Bosch concerning blood tests on more than one occasion. And this is where the blood-test-results factor comes in. Blood tests are how you catch users of HGH. Baseball is investigating any suspicious activity and A-Rod could be right in the middle of it.

Lets not forget the fact that A-Rod had involvement with steroids from 2001-03, while with the Rangers. I’ll bet a lot of facts come out of this investigation. A-Rod’s career could be over and if not, it could take a major league blow any minute.


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