The Akron Zips, the team that was on a major NCAA winning streak that ended with 19 in a row see the season abruptly come to an end for one of their players.  Alex Abreu was arrested in Akron, Ohio after accepting a delivery of 5 pounds of marijuana at a home in Akron from an under-cover police officer. It seems as though a drug sniffing dog smelled the pot in a package  at a delivery service. Officials looked into the suspicious package and discovered that it did contain the drug.

Police then took the package to a house where Abreu then accepted it. Once he did his troubles started. He was taken into custody and he was booked on charges of trafficking in marijuana and possession of marijuana. 18-year-old Austin L. Durgala was also arrested with Abreu. The bust couldn’t have come at a worse time. The Zips are set to play one of their biggest rivals tonight in the biggest game of their season.

Akron was set to make a run toward the NCAA Tournament. A win over Kent State would be huge. Now the Zips face uncertainty as their starting point guard is set to make a court appearance today on the charges he is faced with.  Akron has suspended Abreu indefinitely  while the police investigation goes on. It will be interesting to see what kind of defense Abreu puts on. The police delivered a package to him, did he really know what the contents of that package? Have the Akron narcotics detectives been investigating Abreu all season long? We are going to have to follow this situation to see what develops.

For the Akron Zips basketball team they need to get their focus off of Abreu and back to playing the game when they take on Kent State tonight.

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