Tony Stewart is clearly not using NASCAR’s Danica Patrick for her skills behind the wheel. He is using the Godaddy cover-girl t pad his bank account. After seeing what Stewart did to rid his team of the services of what once was hie good friend Ryan Newman, his motives for keeping Patrick employed have become clear.

Newman is one of the better drivers at Stewart Haas racing. He can lap Patrick in just about every start the two of them make. The main problem is he isn’t cute and he doesn’t pose half naked to bring in the dollars. How Stewart can say keeping Patrick isn’t about the money after what he pulled with Newman this season, without cracking up laughing is anyone’s guess.

When Tony Stewart launched his ownership career it was Newman who left a very good racing team. He left Penski one of the most funded team’s in all of motor sports. This was a professional organization that Newman left to help his friend make a name for himself and now he is not only out of a job, he was lied to.

Stewart talks out of both sides of his mouth. He tells Newman they can’t afford another team an then a month or two later they have announced the launching of another team. Somehow this is a case of reverse discrimination. Newman was let go because he isn’t cute enough to bring in the money Danica Patrick can bring in.

Newman is probably a little heated right about now knowing that Patrick will have a ride on the Stewart Haas team and he won’t ….Who could blame him?




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  1. rlp43200

    No kidding — really? Thank you, Captain of the HMS _Obvious_. Patrick’s never been top-shelf material in any series she’s ever run in (she backed into her one “win” at Motegi).

    But then, neither has any female in any top-level racing series — they simply do not have the physical strength, or the psychological ability, to compete on a level playing field with males. Never have; never will. (Look no further than the records for Men’s and Women’s Sports — the records for Women are equal to Boys, not Men.) Women in auto racing will always be a “freak show”, used solely to keep the Political-Correctness Gestapo off a sanctioning body’s case — and once that is no longer an issue, they will vanish from the scene in short order.

    • Dan

      ever heard of the NHRA and Shirley M.

  2. Steve

    Well duh it’s business and if Newman can’t bring in the dollars he’s out. What should Tony do support a car for him out of his pocket. Danica, and Harvick have their cars paid for and now so does Busch. Big deal if they are only their because they bring money to the team. What do you think it’s all about anyway.

  3. betti haynes

    you are right tony only keeps Danica for the money she brings in and if tony says diffence he is a lier on top of being a snake in the grass wouldn’t trust tony as far asI could throw him and thats not far.

  4. ken bennett

    tony stweart for ya

  5. Robert Wagner

    Racing is a business and businesses are in business to make money. The fact with Newman is that regardless of how good a driver he is, he wasn’t pulling the sponsorships needed to fund the team. The ownership Stewart/Haas needed to fill a void and Harvick and his Sponsor were able to come to terms. One must remember it just isn’t the Owners who are involved in who’s going to drive where, Sponsor have a big say. This has nothing to do with anyones driving skills, period.

  6. Tony Zile

    What driving skills,in NASCAR,anyway has Ms. Patrick demonstrated?


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