It is hard to find a player that has suffered as many concussions as former Dallas Cowboys great Troy Aikman has suffered. Even after going through all of those head Injuries, the Hall Of Fammer, said he would do it all over again.

Aikman who sat down for an interview with Rayven Tirado from the sporting news after viewing A League of Denial, went on to talk about the time he was knocked out in the 1994 NFC championship game.

He said that was the worse concussion he ever suffered and had to be hospitalized. Still, after all of that, Aikman said he would do it all over again because he hasn’t had any symptoms since retiring from the game.

Aikman went on to say he has seen multiple doctors and specialists and he doesn’t show any signs of permanent damage. Aikman did go onto say, if he had a son he wouldn’t push him into the game.

Aikman said, he would like to know exactly what it was the NFL knew and didn’t share with the players. He said he still has continued concerns and would just like to know what information the NFL was hiding.

He closed in saying he knows what the data shows and he still doesn’t see a reduction in head injuries.

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