Who would have believed it? Michael Vick could be taught how to hold the football after all these years playing in the NFL.  It took the watchful eye of the new Eagles head coach Chip Kelly to do it.

It is no wonder they let Andy Reid go last season. The guy had to be a moron not to see Vick had a problem carrying the football. With Chip Kelly in charge this season. The Eagles are probably super bowl bound.

This guy doesn’t miss a trick. first rearranged the Eagles Locker room then he made changes to the Eagles eating habits and now he is getting down to football business. His canning ability to spot a problem that has gone unnoticed for more than a decade in the National Football league is going to take this Eagles team to new heights.

Chip Kelly is going to single-handedly fix all that is wrong with the Eagles in now time. What is his next fix going to be? As the days go by, I am sure there will be more Kelly break through s coming out of the eagles camp. I for one can’t wait to hear them.

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